NAMP® Re-Certification (ANNUAL FEE)



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Sign up today for $495.00 to re-certify your NAMP® certification, and get another NAMP® or NAMU® certification program below, at NO Extra Cost... up to a $1,000 value !!!

Pick Any Certification Below, at NO Extra Cost:

  • Certified FHA Manual Underwriter (NAMU-CFMU)
  • Certified in Mortgage Regulatory Compliance (NAMU-CMRC)
  • Certified Mortgage Servicing Specialist (NAMP-CMSS)
  • Certified Mortgage Quality Control Specialist (NAMU-CMQCS)
  • Certified Mortgage Processor (NAMP-CMP)
  • Certified Master Loan Processor (NAMP-CMLP)
  • Certified Contract Loan Processor (NAMP-CCLP)
  • Certified Mortgage Underwriter (NAMU-CMU)
  • Certified Master Mortgage Underwriter (NAMU-CMMU)
  • Certified in Commercial Underwriting & Processing (NAMU-CCUP)

HOW IT WORKS: You'll gain 1-year access to the CampusMortgage® Training Portal, so you can complete your NAMP® recertification with an updated version of the required training classes conducted by CampusMortgage®. From here, you'll take a new timed 1-hour online 30-question proctored exam via webcam and agree to continue abiding by the NAMP® Code of Ethics as outlined in the Certification Handbook. NOTE: You'll also have 1-year access to complete the free certification program included within this Special Offer.


PLEASE NOTE: Given the discounted price of recertification, you will NOT have the ability to ask questions directly to the instructors during the 1-year access. Also, the updated version of the required certification training classes conducted by CampusMortgage® typically only contain minor changes from the previous year since mortgage regulations, laws, forms, guidelines, etc. do not necessarily change from year to year. 


REFUND POLICY, CERTIFICATION HANDBOOK & TERMS OF USE: Before purchasing any NAMP® certification program, we recommend you thoroughly read our Refund Policy, Certification Handbook & Terms of Use — which you will be required to have fully read & accepted prior to beginning the certification process.


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NAMP® Re-Certification (ANNUAL FEE)
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